Desktop / Gnome Shell Window "Functionality" -- ideas, comments

To be specific I current run Gnome 41.1 on Debian testing, X11.

I have a few questions or remarks about things I am still not able to find again and how to configure:

  1. How to send a window to the back or bottom of the stacking order if overlapping with other windows? I used to middle click (or super middle click) on the window edge or top bar to do this.

  2. I am missing the find the window menu or option where I can mark a window to be always visible on or stay on any of the virtual desktops. Or at least it’s hard or non intuitive to access?

  3. Possibly less Gnome/Shell related, also not sure if that is a graphics driver issue (NVidia in my case):
    While I like automatic screen detection for multi screen, I hate he user experience when I turn off screens for power saving that my desktop window organization get’s totally messed up or put all on one screen after turning them back on. There should be an at least option some where to “freeze that order” or even better only one request to reshuffle things when really taking a screen away. Simply said, I want to be able to turn off one or two or all of my three screens and keep the desktop even invisible – with no disruptions.

  4. HiDPI Scaling. While I see 1x 2x … been most effective. Anyhow some desktops allow fractional scaling or at least some thing like 125% 150% 175% 200% and this on a per screen level. Can that be possible with Gnome Shell, may in near future? For me 175% feels like a golden way to have a bit more space.

  5. Wayland – I do not use it, but I hear it does not allow applications to get hands on window position per design. OK then. But may be it can provide on it’s window manager side a feature to store and restore the window layout for any application with more than one window – or even as a default remember the last layout?

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