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Hi folks,

As we are trying to reduce the number of maintained services, we are going to disable Etherpad in a month, on 2022-12-01. The recommended alternative is Hedgedoc, which seems to fit requirements of various teams better.

Please make sure to migrate any notes you wish to keep to avoid data loss.



Replacing one service with another isn’t exactly reducing the number of services… are there other motivations here?

(I’m not against the change - just wondering)


We’ve been maintaining both for some time, as it’s easier to write Markdown in Hedgedoc (which is useful given its ubiquity in GitLab, Github, Discourse, etc). So ultimately, one collaborative editor is fewer than two editors.

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Ah, I didn’t know that we already had a Hedgedoc instance. This will work well for the design team calls, I think.


Please, is there any way how to get a backup of one of the documents from the etherpad? I didn’t know that it will be shut down and I had an article there prepared for publication which is now unavailable and I don’t have a backup. I know it’s my fault. Any help is much appreciated.

Have a nice day, LumĂ­r

What path/pad name did the article have?

Thanks for the response. The URL was:

Document has been sent to you via mail!

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