Delete "Undo" pop-up

Please please fix this. Why do I say ‘fix’. Because the ‘undo’ pop-up that happens whenever I delete a file, makes Nautilus useless for a few seconds.

  • Add a radio button in options to remove this pop-up.
  • Add a hidden option.
  • At least, move the popup so that it doesn’t block the usable area of Nautilus.
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Why do you think it makes Nautilus useless?

Can you provide a screenshot of what you see, and details on how it is a problem?

My guess is that the notification is shown on top of the view and obscures a portion of it.

Fair question. Maybe it’s an overstatement to say it makes Nautilus useless for a few seconds. But, it’s at least very annoying to not be able to access the files under the pop-up. And the pop-up adds minimal value (IMO). All I’d like is an option to remove the pop-up.

An option is not going to happen, realistically. Maybe you could get in touch with designers to see if there’s something better to do there.

Just you wait until you’ve deleted a file by mistake; having to go to the trash to recover it is the opposite of fun.

To be fair, you’re also using a theme that uses a fully opaque notification, whereas Adwaita uses a semi-transparent background.

Having said that, any overlay is kind of problematic; the overlay bubble at the bottom showing the selected file is also problematic when it covers the last row in list mode. The way it works there is that it disappears when the pointer hovers over it. Of course, we cannot really do the same on the “undo” notification because it contains a user-reactive element.

One way around it would be:

  • keep it fully opaque when it’s shown
  • if the pointer moves, reduce the opacity by a lot
  • if the pointer crosses into the notification, increment the opacity to full
  • if the pointer crosses outside the notification, decrease the opacity again

It’s a bit complicated, and it still requires moving the pointer in order to read the content of the screen; but if you’re moving towards selecting something else, it won’t get in your way until you decide to actually interact with it.

Another thing that could be done is having two different delays towards dismissing the notification; a shorter one, if the user does not interact with the pointer/keyboard, and a longer one if they do.


All good ideas. Or, simply, give the user the option to disable the notification. :slight_smile:
There’s an argument that the user should be able disable ANY notification. Much less a notification that duplicates functions already available.

Users who bought “disable all notifications” are likely to also buy “WTF was there no notification about that thing I was going to do, why did you do $HORRIBLE_THING to my data without telling me”

Yep. Sure.

But, this particular notification:

  • Duplicates other functionality.
  • Makes the application unusable under some circumstances (and not infrequent).

This is a four-year-old bug against Nautilus, per Carlos Soriano “We are looking into a new design for it”. Unfortunately that new design has been kicked along from milestone to milestone without any real progress so far.

Sounds interesting. In-app notifications are one of the patterns I want to do more work on.

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