Deja-Dup using all memory during preparation

I’ve been using Deja Dup successfully for about 6 months on Marjaro with Gnome desktop. My last good backup was 25 days ago, because an external disk was disconnected. ( obviously, I don’t pay too much attention. There isn’t a lot I need on this system - yet. ).

So I reconnected the disk, and the system began to lock-up. I finally traced it to Deja-Dup using all the available memory - 64gigs. I can watch Deja-dup ( duplicity ) via system monitor just take all the memory until the system stops during Deja’s “preparation”.

It doesn’t seem to be able to crash and leave any logs or errors, and I can’t tell if the debug logs say anything. I also don’t see a lot of info while googling.

What direction should I start trouble-shooting in? My current backup setting is just my home dir about 99gigs.


Probably the direction, which leads to Pika Backup?

I’m up for that option, but can it import my current backups?


Looks like, my backup directory is corrupt. I’m going to reformate the drive, and try out Pika.


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