Déjà Dup - Picking up an old back-up on a fresh machine

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I was wondering if Deja Dup will pick up from an old back-up when pressing “Create My First Backup” and I select a folder where an older version of Backups did backup or will it start a fresh back up ?

A quick peek at the code it seems to be looking for the dconf keys over at /org/gnome/deja-dup/; I’ve the old database, but dconf is complaining dconf-WARNING **: timestamp: unknown dconf database description, so my hopes of mimicking the settings and Backups pick it up are slim. I was able to open the user database with XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/some/backup/path/home/user/.config dconf-editor but the data for last backup does not match the one duplicity says when running duplicity verify :confused:



Take this with a grain of salt, but after messing with dconf (adding some of the old settings from my backup) it triggered the “scheduled” backup… and I got the following string when performing the backup:
“Creating a fresh backup to protect against backup corruption. This will take longer than normal.”
unless I got it wrong by looking at the following line:
https://gitlab.gnome.org/World/deja-dup/-/blob/main/deja-dup/AssistantBackup.vala#L108 (If not first print the above line string)
it does indeed pick up from where it left;

so I want to believe that if I were to have done “Create My First Backup” would have been the same.


Oh my goodness, I did not see or get an email about your original topic, but I did see one about your reply… will have to look at my discourse settings. Sorry for late reply.

But you are correct. The big “create my first backup” button really doesn’t do anything special behind the scenes. Just starts a backup like any other (though it does guide you through some settings first).

So it would have resumed as well.


Don’t sweat it! Thanks for confirming my findings :slight_smile:

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