Deja Dup backups failed

I am using Debian 11 Linux and I have Deja Dup backups failed for an unknown reasons. I run a debug command in the terminal, but the process was never ended. I had to terminate manually by closing the terminal. Please see the attached snapshot, and let me know how to fix the problem. Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Loc Le

Hello! Sorry that Deja Dup is giving ya a hassle, and with such a vague error message.

I feel like I’ve seen this before but I can’t remember what the cause was.

I don’t see a problem in bit of the log you posted.

One workaround (this doesn’t really solve anything, but…) is to try a flatpak release? It might be more up to date and will include a newer duplicity. Either might have fixed this issue. If it works, it would at least be a clue.

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