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Here’s a fun one. I noticed that the snap store has a spot for uploading a banner image, which allows your app to potentially be put in the “featured app” rotation of the snap store (their forked version of gnome-software).

So I thought it would be a nice challenge to make one:

(CC-BY-SA 4.0)

Are there other places I can use this, now that I have it? GNOME Software’s “featured apps” & banners are hardcoded in its source, I believe. And I think I heard that they were looking to get downstream distros to provide those in the future anyway(?).


You might want to check if that is a deep dwelling fish. With Apple you never know :slight_smile:

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:smile: I would have used a non-Apple laptop, but it was honestly hard to find stock laptop photos that weren’t!

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I haven’t used D-Dup, but I currently backup my code changes / git branches / patches via a zip, from my local system, and upload the zip file to my gmail google drive folder, via nautilus / gvfs. This is a manual effort.

Can D-Dup solve this issue ?

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Deja Dup does support backing up to Google Drive and scheduled backups.

The one big issue is that it doesn’t currently support regex folder excludes. So if you are backing up code folders, it might be bothersome to manually exclude all the build directories.


Okay. I’ll give it a shot.

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