Default Application Feature Request

This is just an idea, do not know if it is something worthwhile, but here is goes:

  • Add the Text Editor option to the Default Applications to set which app to use for certain file extensions (eg: txt, md, php, sql, etc…)

  • Add a button to create custom options so that an app could be selected for certain file extensions (eg: A custom option for .php, .sql, .js, .html, .cpp files, another custom option for .md, .txt, .doc, etc…)

What do you think?

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Hello luisalvarado!

I agree that selecting the default text editor could be added.

However, adding a default application for one or more file extensions does not match the design:

  • It is not a label like Web, Mail, etc.
  • For only one extension, a label can be used if the extension has one. Example: Markdown (.md).
  • On the other hand, displaying an extension alone, without a label, does not correspond to the design. Also, how would you represent multiple extensions (instead of a label)?.

Note that changing file extensions already exists, but only for sandboxed apps. Look at the bottom of this mockup: applications/applications-wires.png · master · Teams / Design / settings-mockups · GitLab. Maybe you can make a proposal based on this mockup instead?

Thank you @Mikenux Was just an idea but am happy the default text editor can be added. Saves me from having to always change multiple extensions to vscode, sub3, etc…

For the file extension for sandbox cases looks great and it looks like it would also work for the other case. Thank you again.


However, note that I’m not a dev of Settings nor from the design team. So this need approval from the design team.

How do you change the default app for multiple extensions currently?

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