Decrypting or importing old keyring

I am migrating from one machine to another. On the new machine I have already created and started using a user account, and populating the keyring, but I realize that I forgot to migrate over my passwords from my old keyring. No problem, I have a backup from my old machine, which has a ~/.local/share/keyrings/login.keyring; I just need to import that into my new one.

Except I can find no functionality for doing so. Not in the Seahorse UI, man gnome-keyring, man gnome-keyring-3, man secret-tool.

This seems like some pretty basic functionality; why can’t I just import an old keyring file? Am I missing something obvious?

Unfortunately not no, there are some workarounds though using secret-tool: Impossible to export and import passwords afterwards in an identical manner (#38) · Issues · GNOME / libsecret · GitLab

In the exact same situation as OP. Bummer…

As a workaround, you can use more than one keyring, e.g. rename the new one to new.keyring and restore the old one as login.keyring, then relogin to apply the changes.

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