Debugging where value of `guint time_` parameter in `drag_drop` event comes from

Hi, I am seeing weird values for guint time_ parameter
at the drag_drop event. I can’t find gtk invokes the callback function. gtk doc. Where in the source is the time_ value coming from?/Where is the callback being invoked?

I can also open an issue on Gitlab if that is more appropriate.

What I that I only find “drop” events and those don’t have the parameter time_.

I’ve found that the value is coming from gdk/wayland/gdkseat-wayland.c · 200cacc3ad15f3936f787a9979eb954561aee80a · GNOME / gtk · GitLab GDK_CURRENT_TIME, which is a #define 0 in gdk/gdktypes.h · 200cacc3ad15f3936f787a9979eb954561aee80a · GNOME / gtk · GitLab, but should represent the current time.

From before the commit where gdk/wayland/gdkdevice-wayland.c was renamed to gdk/wayland/gdkseat-wayland.c on Ubuntu 24.04. Opening am issue now.

Hm, this explains the 0 values. And 0 should probably be interpreted as current time by the callback function. So likely no bug here from gtk (need to investigate if in Firefox, but I slightly doubt it). I also saw other weird values: roughly in the magnitude of current_time_stamp << 8. Not sure where they were coming from :/, but I don’t have an rr trace with debug symbols (of gdk). Can’t reproduce anymore. If I find out the version that I used and can add source code view, I might be able to investigate.

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