Debugger in Builder exits immediately for GNOME applications

Hey there, first post. I’d like to contribute to one of the GNOME applications using Builder, but “Run with Debugger” exits immediately the debug session. This happens for all GNOME projects that I tried (Calendar, Nautilus, and Clock). Meanwhile, all projects build and run normally. All are fresh clones from GitLab. Neither google, builder docs, nor GNOME tutorials provide help.

Last three messages are

Pipeline started
Pipeline finished
Application exited with error: Child process stopped by signal 0

The debugger starts just fine for the “hello world” GNOME application template.


  • OS: Fedora 38 Workstation
  • GNOME version: 44.2
  • GNOME Builder version: 44.2 flatpak (fresh install)

Does anyone know what could be the problem here?

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