Debian 12 with Gnome 43 issues with Orca screen reader and keyboard shortcut for Gnome apps


I installed Debian 12 from a DVD image and chosed Gnome for the desktop system. If I’m not mistaken, Genome version 43 should be installed on my system.

Since I’m almost blind, I use the Orca screen reader that comes with it. Since I can’t work with the mouse, I have to use the key combinations to operate most programs.

To see a list of keyboard shortcuts for each program, I navigate to the program’s primary menu and select Keyboard Shortcuts. A help window will then open, showing the key combinations for the respective program. I have included an example of this window as an image in the appendix.

Unfortunately, Orca cannot read the list of keyboard shortcuts.

so i wanted to ask if there is a way to have orca read these shortcuts to me or maybe the list of shortcuts is stored in a config file that i can open from the terminal.

I would be very happy about help.

Thank you,


I don’t have solution to the question for most of the apps, however I know this has been addressed in GTK4 in 4.12. So some Gnome 44 apps such as gnome calculator should have this window keyboard accessible.




Many thanks for the answer.

This means that I should install GNOME 44 on Debian 12 to be able to read at least some of these help pages. As far as I know, GNOME is not in Debian’s stable repositories. That’s why I wanted to ask whether GNOME 44 runs reasonably securely and stably on Debian 12.

If not, does somebody know a way to locate the configuration files that store the shortcuts for apps?