Debian 12 gnome TIF file previews not showing

Hello, I am new to this forum. I am a photographer who recently installed the Debian 12 GNOME desktop. After the installation, I noticed that the TIF format photo thumbnails are not showing up. The files are stored in my internal drive, and I can open them by double-clicking them, but this is very difficult as I have hundreds of TIF files, and they are large, around 256 MB each. The JPG files open and show thumbnails, but not the TIF files. I would be very grateful if someone could guide me towards a solution. Thank you very much.

S Mathew

That’s probably the issue.

$ gsettings describe org.gnome.nautilus.preferences thumbnail-limit

Images over this size (in megabytes) won’t be thumbnailed. The purpose of this setting is to avoid thumbnailing large images that may take a long time to load or use lots of memory.

$ gsettings get org.gnome.nautilus.preferences thumbnail-limit

uint64 50

You could increase this value to something like 500 MB using gsettings set ..., but beware the potential performance impact.

Thank you, Chris,
I am relieved, as I have a few large images, and it isn’t easy without seeing the previews before opening them. Also, do you have any information regarding colour-calibrating monitors in Gnome? I have a Colour Monkey calibration tool that I was trying to use. Still, after going through the process, the system says to place your calibration tool on the monitor (there is a small box indicating where to recognise the calibration device), then click start to continue, but there is no start button. Also, you can’t close that window. It crashes.
Do you think I am missing any additional packages?
S Mathew