Dead link on - rhythmbox plugins writing guide

the link in the “rhythmbox plugin writers guide” section “4. Plugin basics - turn it on, turn it off” pointing to leads to “create new” page. I guess there is a Projetcs/ missing between and Libpeas.

After creating a new login, I saw that the page is labelled “immutable” so I post it here for whom it may concern …

PS: I tried to put all links in here, but as a newbie, I am not allowed to put “more than two links”.

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Thanks, I have fixed that, unfortunately the wiki has seen such an amount of spam that it’s basically useless as a wiki due to the “trusted authors” mechanism that had to be put into action

I thought so, and this was the reason for putting it here, thanks for the really quick fix

BTW: both API links on the main Libpeas Project wiki are also 404s …

This is due to halting problem : Documenting GNOME for developers

thanks for the pointer.

BTW: I managed to download the API Reference by using the “Download artifacts” link on gitlab.
Should I file now an issue in the libpeas project?

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