DBus interface xml for org.gnome.Mutter.DisplayConfig

I’m writing a daemon for gnome-control-center that would allow me to use it with sway. I was following this XML file to provide the relevant bindings and it seems to be working. But when I go ahead and try to apply the configurations I get the following error

"Config not applicable: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.zbus.Error: Signature mismatch: got uua(iiduba(ssa{sv}))a{sv}, expected (uua(iiduba(ssss)a{sv})a{sv})".

But according to the interface in the XML file, uua(iiduba(ssa{sv}))a{sv} should be the format for the method ApplyConfiguration.

I checked both the main branch and gnome-42 branch and I couldn’t find the latest XML for this interface. While I can target the daemon towards older versions of gnome-control-center, I’d really appreciate if I could have somehow get the XML file that describes the latest specifications of the DBus interface.

You can checkout the project if you wish here

It moved to data/dbus-interfaces/.

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