Customize the layout of GUI

In the past, I always use Ubuntu as my OS.
I really like the Gnome desktop environment.
It is very simple and beautiful.

Now I try to use the Manjaro, and choose the Gnome desktop environment.
I want to do something related to Gnome’s GUI.

The picture is the layout of Gnome for shortcuts,
the left side is Ubuntu,
the right side is Manjaro.

My question is…
Is it possible hide the red block in Manjaro,
then the layout look like Ubuntu’s layout?
Since I will never use this feature, I really want hide the red block.

When I search the information about this problem,
I find the “xkb-options” and “input sources”.
Then I find the “org.gnome.desktop.input-sources.gschema.xml”,
it is in “/usr/sh/glib-2.0/schemas”.
So I try to comment the tag which name is ‘xkb-options’ before reboot.

But didn’t achieve what I wanted.
Could anyone teach me how to do that?
Should I install the ubuntu-gnome-desktop-environment in the Manjaro? But how to do?

This issue is related to the following bug:

There’s the downstream Ubuntu bug for the same issue:

Since the bug was found quite severe by the Ubuntu developers, the whole section Alternate Characters Key was removed from the Keyboard Shortcuts. This is why there is no this section in Ubuntu, and it is seen in other projects which use GNOME (Manjaro in your case).

The idea to drop this section was considered as a temporary solution until this bug is fixed upstream in GNOME. Still, it is not fixed here up to now. Moreover, the Keyboard Shortcuts page of the Settings app has been significantly redesigned in GNOME 40… But the bug was carefully transferred to the new design.

So answering directly to your question, I don’t think there’s any way to remove this section in OSes which haven’t fixed this issue themselves like Ubuntu. Also, maybe you should try GNOME 40 with its new design of the Keyboard Shortcuts; probably, it’s going to solve the issue for you…

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