Cursor names and default files

Hi, where can I find the list of default cursor file names and related sample cursors? I am trying to create a cursor theme and not sure what to name the files.

Say, the default pointer comes with the name left_ptr ( in Ubuntu man page), default ( in Yaru theme - originally crafted by Sam Hewitt). And, there is another file named arrow which has the same icon.

I did come across a couple of documents with default cursor names, but there are no images which will tell me what they are.

It would have been a lot easier if I can preview the cursor files in Nautilus. Sadly, I failed to find a method to do that. Thanks.

I’m not an expert, but this may help: Gdk.Cursor.new_from_name

(the gdk_cursor_new_from_name() function, part of GDK).

But it’s from a programmer’s point of view. There is probably a better documentation elsewhere for cursor theme authors. The link talks about a CSS specification.

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Helps a lot. Thanks :slight_smile:

I downloaded Layan cursors from It has the following structure

Wondering what is the best way to create these symbolic links. If that is all it takes.

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