CSS for FileChooser

What is the CSS “node” for the “breadcrumb” part of filechooser? I’ve tried every occurrence of filechooser from css in adwaita but no change had an effect on that part of filechooser?



As always: Use the GTK Inspector to find out.

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Hi and thank you for your reply.
I of course tried to use the inspector, but after using it I got:
“GtkPathBar - browse_path_bar”
And for the life of me, I’ve tried using either of those names in CSS and it didn’t have any effect.
Could you please show me a short example of CSS that would change anything like for example colour of the button on that pathbar, anything really?
Thank you

.path-bar > button{
  background: red;

Thank you.
For future, so I don’t bother people with questions like that, how did you arrive at .path-bar from GtkPathBar - browse_path_bar? The info displayed by GtkInspector?

Look at the CSS nodes in the “CSS nodes” tab.

Hi and thank you.
Yes, I can see it now, although tbh it is bit misleading as it says: “linked path-bar”.
Once again, thank you for your help.

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