CSS changes between gtk3 and gtk4? (A question)

I am slowly getting the hang of GTK+ 3 finally, via ruby though - but
I have used CSS a lot before, for like 20 years or so. And I like CSS,
so I had no real problem adjusting from ruby-gtk2 to ruby-gtk3,
once I understood it. :slight_smile:

(The official documentation could be improved, visually too,
but this is an aside.)

Anyway - there is one thing I am wondering: has CSS changed
a lot between GTK3 and GTK4? If so, are there any particular
highlights for that?

I plan to eventually transition into ruby-gtk4, once gtk4 is more
widespread. Right now I have a lot of working ruby-gtk2 and
ruby-gtk3 code. I don’t mind adjusting! Just takes time,
but ideally it would be great to know if there are things to
look out for in regards to CSS in particular. (My long term
goal is to actually use CSS for both gtk and the www stuff
I have. So the more “compatible” this all is, the better for
me, as I may have to do less “fine tuning”.)

No. The changes in the actual CSS syntax are documented in the migration guide. As for the CSS selectors, you should always refer to the API reference for each widget class.

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