Create new file in a directory - migrating user's hello goodbye experience

On installing Nix OS I choose Gnome to try it out as a desktop, I am a decade long KDE user, but that was just laziness, I am agnostic on these things. Thought I would give Gnome a go.

Anyway I am keeping track of my install and post-install process. (including gparted but that is a nix os story)

I decided to document this by creating a document file, txt or librewriter odt as that was installed already, but there was no option to so directly from within files/nautilus. So I googled that.

Apparently one used to be able to right-click in a location to do this, but now one has to put non-template docs in the /templates folder and restart Files.

Fine. Looks good.

Deal killer Issues:

  1. Don’t put a template (e.g. .ott for libreoffice) in the /templates folder (really?). Nautulis/files will create a new template doc at the new chosen location.
  2. It will create a copy of that doc immediately with the same name. Extra steps to re-name. In KDE plasma in dolphin I just right click, select which file ‘type’, and then type file name (or not), & hit return.

Admittedly all OSs are making me click more and more and so the frictional user experience is going through the roof across the board. What problem is being solved here that we must ruin what used to work? I installed this create new file option on Mac OS9 back in the day. right-click - create name - hit return done

Why make it harder? In particular why make a shortcut longer? I do not understand.
I am going back to KDE (I may desktop hop on the test machine on the way back mind).

(User experience: long time Mac user into the 90s & naughties, kubuntu since about 2010 as daily driver, with some distro-hopping including a successful gentoo install that took six weeks with one reboot, but failed at the plasma desktop install phase because I had 4 circular dependencies. I cried. I use windows at work and 12 makes me click more for no reason I can see eva)

Overall I like gnome, it does feel better, it’s not all bad, but, but, this, but, but this is a basic thing I do all day long, so, all I can say is don’t make me click more than I have to, especially don’t make me click more than I have to type in a console. That’s a pro-tip by the way.

I want the desktop to vanish into the background and not foreground into my consciousness as I work.

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