Could not load image error in Eye of GNOME

Hello, i use Linux Ubuntu 18.04.6 and i have been using Eye of Gnome 3.28.1 untill now, but i installed new version (42.3) recently.

new version (42.3) gives me an error that there isn’t in previous version (3.28.1) this error appear when i open an image; error text:

Could not load image “blender_logo (Blue Background) - for Desktop.png”.
Failed to open input stream for file

i though first this error for png format happens, but it seems that the problem is with the file names because when i change file names to simple numbers (1,2,3,4) solved the problem!

Please pay attention to this video. Thank you very much.

I guess the problem is not with the filename but with the file location. Or more specifically: that you’ve installed the new version of Image Viewer likely as a snap or flatpak, both of which use a security sandbox that probably limits in which locations Image Viewer may open files.

You show images from your ~/Desktop/123 and ~/Downloads directories open without trouble. Then you show that images from disk “D” with a directory name written in Farsi (I guess) don’t open. I don’t think the problem is with the filename or the directory name, but that this file is in a location that the new Image Viewer isn’t allowed to open files. Try copying the blender_logo (Blue Background) - for Desktop.png file to your ~/Downloads directory and I think the new Image Viewer can open it from there.

If you installed the new Image Viewer as a flatpak, you can additionally install the Flatseal flatpak and that allows you to configure where the new Image Viewer flatpak is allowed to open files. I don’t know Ubuntu or snap but likely there is something similar for snaps.

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Hello, Thank you very much @jakedane.
I forgot to turn on the “Read system mount information and disk quotas”

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