Correct way to pull/push api data into gnumeric

Can gnumeric directly pull data (populate a field or function variable) from api like excel. Using a url (like a websocket wss stream) for data source.
google & duckduck did not find tutorial or manual page for that process. Found only examples and posts asking how to use python to populate gnmumeric fields. Looking for a more direct way, no need for python or intermediary scripting.

someone @ gitlab /GNOME/gnumeric/ suggested before my question was closed :

not aware of a way to pull data from gnumeric but it is possible to push it into gnumeric from an external source thanks to sample_datasource plugin.

You may have a look at : The Gnumeric Manual, version 1.12

I looked and it referred to local plugin folder and

Both did not help enough for me to populate a cell with data from an api response or websocket. Something like excel power query to import websocket data to excel.

Is there a more in depth manual reference than above ? any tutorials how to pull/push data into cells directly from api or websocket data stream ? What is the process to pull data from text files into gnumeric cell or calculation.

Gnumeric does not have this functionality built in yet. For about 4-5 years gnumeric has lagged behind libre-calc and excel implementing useful functionality. It would be in the best interest of the open-source community for gnumeric to merge with libre-calc and support the strongest opensource excel alternative. The FOSS community needs strong google/microsoft alternatives not many subpar alternatives. Giving up on gnumeric being useful for data import and or spreadsheet comparison, these are two of the most critical functionalities excel and libre-calc have implemented, making their products of some use to a large range of users.

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