Copy audio CD .wav files to .iso?

Hi Brasero team -
Is there a way to use Brasero to copy .wav files and “bundle” them into a .iso file ?
My goal (if it’s even possible) is to copy the contents of an audio CD into an OS-neutral container (I think of an .iso file that way) that I can digitally send to a friend. MP3s are lossy and I want him to be able to burn his own CD from it.


If you create project (as though you were going to burn a CD), you should have an option to output that as an image file.

It’s odd… Brasero wants to create a .toc file (ok, I guess, but am not sure what to do with that…maybe further processing?) but I accepted that and the app says it needs cdrdao in order to do this, but it’s already installed. I wonder what that’s about.

Looks like on this older system (Ubu 16.04) it creates a bin/cue set. That can be used to burn a CD as well. Looks like newer versions of B use a toc file instead of a cue file. Should be workable if the other person has software which can burn from those files.

Thx for the info. Will keep at it.

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