Converting PyGObject to deb or flatpack package

Hello, I made an app for GNOME in Python with PyGObject, I have a file but I don’t understand how to make a .deb package (or flatpack, whatever) from it.

I want to make one using file but I can’t find any documentation, so I tried copying files from open source GTK apps but there is so much code I don’t know what to keep in order to make it work.

Sorry I’m kind of desperate, but if anyone knows how to package this python file, this would help me a lot, thx :slight_smile:

Hello Max.

Unfortunately, things are a little more complicated than that. I can’t talk about .deb packaging because I don’t know how to do it either, but as for flatpak, there is a whole project structure that must be followed.

Initially, I recommend that you use Gnome Builder and start a python project in it. This will create the basic structure of a flatpak with all the necessary files. From there, you’ll have to adapt this basic structure to your application, but there are many important details you’ll need to understand to make this work. Here is a good place to start.