Context menu problem

Hello, I have a problem with the context menu in Debian 12, Gnome 1:43+1. When I right-click in any program, the context menu opens close to the mouse pointer. If I release the right-click and accidentally touch one of the menu items, an event related to the menu item is triggered, as if a left-click had occurred. Is there a way to disable the “release right-click” event check on menu items or to make the menu open further away from the mouse pointer?

X11 or Wayland?
GTK apps?

Your description smells of these two issues which still somewhat persist (Wayland with GTK4 apps in my case, and that initial right-click opens context menus with an item already selected/highlighted (see this screenshot specifically)):

Thanks for the reply! I use X11, but I just checked in Wayland, it’s the same there. It is difficult for me to answer the question about GTK. I can list several applications for example: firefox, gnome-commander, xfce4-terminal, nautilus, Android Studio, keepassxc.

Probably in all applications that I use, after calling the context menu by right-clicking, if I release the right mouse button on the context menu item, then this item is “executed”. I think this is not a bug, it was intended that way. I want to disable this so that I don’t accidentally perform actions that I don’t need. Or can I make the context menu open further away from the mouse cursor?

Yeah, so any GTK or QT.

Correct. Intended behavior.

Sorry, please disregard the irrelevant issues I linked as I misunderstood your OP.

Can I change this in dconf-editor or in other settings? If the context menu had opened a little later or further away from the mouse cursor, this solution would have worked for me too! I recently messed up important files by pressing rmb and decided that now is the time to fix it…

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