Constrain axis on the Move Tool

I’m thinking of trying to put a constrain axis on the Move tool, X and Y
Any reasons not to?

Yes… if you do such a thing, at least do a “constrained angles” that works like in the other tools.

Otherwise, in the current implementation, you can already do this:

  • with the cursor keys (and shift-cursor-keys if you want it to be fast)
  • using snapping to guides, grid, and canvas edges.

So this isn’t really missing.


Thanks for the feedback, I understand the cursor keys, that’s how I currently do it, you could move a layer anywhere using this method. Except it’s quicker and more intuitive to use the controller. Good for a pixel perfect line up though. I do like Krita for giving you a pixel spinner on the move tool. They also use Shift to constrain, which is a common solution, however in GIMP it’s taken as a selection mask.

Not sure about the guides, grid and canvas, that sounds like it could move in two axis.

I do like and use the universal transform tool, that seems to handle it well. Maybe that could be adapted into a replacement Move Tool.

Maybe that could be adapted into a replacement Move Tool.

A great difference between the Move and UT tools is that the Move tool auto-picks layers, which is something you probably don’t want to do with the other transform tools.

yes, i like having move and transform separated, just move please. Perhaps a stripped down version on the UT tool could replace the move tool. Maybe with a pixel spinner too.

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