Console accessibility seems to be broken in arch linux

Good evening all,
Using arch linux with gnome and orca as a blind user and after doing a fresh install and the default gnome concel seems to be silent when trying to review output entered into the terminal. I am wondering if this is the new terminal program that is being used? All packages are updated as far as I know. this is gnome 43 and the terminal. When trying to launch the original gnome-terminal it doesn’t seem to exhist or at least not installed.I am wondering if I should report this to orca devs or someware else in the accessibility stack? Thanks.


PS. First post.

Console is the default terminal emulator for GNOME 43 but GNOME Terminal continues to be actively developed. On Arch Linux you can install it with command: sudo pacman -S gnome-terminal

BTW, welcome to Discourse! For the issue between Console and Orca I don’t know how to help you. I’ve added the Console and Orca tags to your topic to hopefully loop in some people that can help.


Yes, I installed gnome-terminal for now and that works fine. There is a new orca free list which I am subscriberd to and will post there as well. Good to know that gnome-terminal is still in development.


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