Connect geary with university mail failed

Hey people,

I really love the design and simplicity of geary. But when it comes to the account creation it’s too simple for me. With Thunderbird or evolution it is possible to add my university email address, but unfortunately not in geary.
I know there is a similar topic here (How to use Geary with DavMail to access Office 365 email?), but the answer are not that helpfull. Does anybody has an idea on ho to solve this problem?

Please read this Geary FAQ.
Pasting here for convenience:

To connect to a Microsoft Exchange server (, Office365, or local institution installations), the Exchange installation must have both its IMAP and SMTP “protocol connectors” enabled. These are enabled for and Office365, and hence Geary can connect to those services. There are no plans to support Microsoft’s proprietary mail access protocols going forward. Thus if the IMAP connector is not enabled for your Exchange installation, please get in contact with your Exchange administrators and ask them to enable it.
When configuring an Exchange account in GNOME Online Accounts, IMAP or SMTP configuration information will not be provided to Geary by Online Accounts, and hence an IMAP account will also need to be configured for Geary to be able to access mail for the account.
Note that using Davmail to access mail on an Exchange server is not supported, since Davmail does not implement any modern IMAP extensions, several of which Geary requires. These extensions (such as IMAP IDLE and UIDPLUS) have been supported by most mail servers (including MS Exchange) since the late 2000’s. Unless Davmail implements these extensions, it will continue to be unsupported. Instead of using Davmail, use Exchange’s IMAP support instead - it is substantially better.

I don’t use Exchange and I can’t verify it works. I hope it helps.

Hey fedelibre,

thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately it doesn’t solve my problem. The thing is our university has it’s own mail Server: “” and the address is used for incomig (IMAP; Port 993) and outgoing (SMTP, Port 587) mails. If I set it up in geary it’s not possible to at least click the create button.

Hi Lak. Typically, if Geary won’t let you proceed adding an account after entering the details, it’s because you have entered them wrong, or your computer is not correctly connected to the Internet.

Which version of Geary and which Linux distribution and version are you using?

Hi Michael,
thank you for your answer.
I use Manjaro Linux with GNOME 40.0.0 and Geary on Version 3.38.2 (tags/gnome-3.38.2-0-g2d50bd843).

I’m pretty sure, that I typed in my login correctly. Other email accounts like gmail working so it can’t be the connection. If it could help I can send you a screenshot of the login window

If you could post a screenshot here, that might help, yep.

The problem is that I can not click on create, although my login data are correct.

Thank you again, for taking your time to help me.

For the record

Is the domain part missing? Also

Note the icons at the end of the IMAP and SMTP server addresses? They indicate that Geary got an error or a “not found” when looking up the given host names in the DNS. If you mouse over the icons, what does the tooltip say?

The part is missing where I can set up the Ports

I saw the Icon, but I get mo message as I went on it. However I have kind of good news. I made it to add the email account. I just realized when I type in the smtp server address the create button is available for a few seconds. It is kind of strange, but when you’re fast enough it works. Now I can receive and send emails with this address.
Thank you all very much for your help. If you need some more informations about this issue, just write me.
Best regards,

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