Compression options to handle extended attributes?

I sometimes use extended attributes (xattr(7) - Linux manual page).

tar can back those attributes up, through its --xattrs option. I set up a TAR_OPTIONS=--xattrs environment variable, so tar always includes these attributes when archiving or de-archiving, even if I omit --xattrs. Works fine.

Can something similar be done with Nautilus ? The global TAR_OPTIONS environment variable is not enforced by Nautilus (which I believe uses it’s own tar mechanism, and doesn’t rely on /usr/bin/tar). And there doesn’t seem to be a possibility to configure --xattrs in Nautilus.

Or do you guys know of another GUI for tar that offers the way to use the --xattrs option ? I tested both File Roller and KDE’s Ark, none of them seem to offer the option to include extended attributes.

Is there a way, any way, to do that with a GUI, or am I stuck with CLI tar ?

Hi @chentao, I think respecting TAR_OPTIONS, or at least preserve xattrs, is a reasonable feature to request from gnome-autoar, the archive library nautilus uses.

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