Complaints about IRC <-> Matrix bridge

Hi, I’m seeing a lot of complaints about the IRC <-> Matrix bridge because Matrix is not maintaining an accurate user list of IRC users. This results in missed pings, when IRC users appear to be present in the Matrix room, and can be pinged as if they are present, but they’re not really present. For example, I asked hadess a question a day or two ago, and everything looked fine from my end, but hadess wasn’t actually connected and was never going to see my message. Similar problems happen regularly and are only noticed when users on the IRC side yell. It also results in ghost users when somebody joins IRC and then leaves. E.g. we recently noticed that Jordan was connected with five different accounts, while only two of them were real.

@thibaultamartin since you fixed many problems with the bridge in the past, I fear you’re the bridge guy now. Is this something that can be fixed? (If so, can we document how, so that other bridges can follow?)


This is a longstanding bug in the bridge that just doesn’t seem to get fixed.

The only remedy seems to be frequently restarting the bridge, as this cleans out the ghosts.

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