Compile gtk4-rs project for Windows and Linux


I’ve recently finished my project made with gtk4 in Rust, and tried running it on Windows. Expectedly, it failed because gtk wasn’t installed. I later tried tools like MSYS2 and even gvsbuild, got gtk4-demo.exe to run, yet I still can’t run my gtk4-rs project (with cargo run) on the Windows machine. I’ve read the docs for shipping gtk to windows, no help.

I also tried running the application on Linux and got “Settings schema ‘x.x.x’ is not installed”.

Is there a guide on how to get gtk4-rs projects, compiled to executables, to run flawlessly on Windows/Linux without the user’s intervention to install MSYS2 and whatnot?


There are windows specific instructions in the gtk-rs book

If there’s anything missing from there or it’s unclear, you can file an issue against the bindings

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