Compatibility with gtk3


is the devhelp library compatible with gtk3?

I’m trying to port the Geany plugin using the new library.
But I’m not able to display the books from dh_notebook in dh_Search.

o dh_profile_get_default(); I can display.

dh_profile = dh_profile_get_default();
self->priv->book_tree = GTK_WIDGET(dh_book_tree_new(dh_profile));

But it doesn’t work on dh_search.

dh_notebook = dh_notebook_new(dh_profile);

dh_search = dh_search_bar_new(dh_notebook);

self->priv->search = GTK_WIDGET(dh_search);

I managed to solve the problem using dh_sidebar instead of dh_search_bar

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