Color Individual Window Frames in Gnome?

I have a handful of browser windows each with a bunch of tabs. Since at any moment the displayed tab will vary its hard to distinguish the windows. Is there some way to individually color the frames of windows in Gnome?


And even if such a feature would be added in GNOME, it would only work for windows that

  • do not use custom decorations (like headerbars, tabs-on-top, …)
  • do not use wayland

For any other windows, decorations are the responsibility of the app or toolkit, so per-window frame colors would need to be implemented there.

I solved this issue for me by installing the ‘Window Titler’ extension in the Firefox and setting specific title prefix for each of the windows. Now I can switch to the window using the ‘Type to Search’ feature of my AATWS (Alt+Tab) window switcher.
FF extension:
GNOME extension:

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