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GtkColumnView is really not easy - #4 by ebassi

This is such a troll statement that I’m not even sure how to respond to it in a way that doesn’t devolve in me banning your account from this forum.

I think such rude comments from one of the GTK/Gnome leaders is very toxic for the whole community. Just some hours ago another user had the impression that an answer was unpolite, see Gtk4 documentation for Python - #4 by ebassi. People are generally very sensible when the project leaders are unfriendly, and call even long time contributors as trolls and threaten to ban them. Such behaviour can very easily destroy whole communities, I have observed it a few times in the last decades, recently for a promising new programming language community.

For my own post, leading to his strange reaction: I wrote “I think …” to express my long time feelings and observations. I did not offend someone, nor did I despise all the project contributors. I just explained my observations, which are supported well by the number of new GTK projects located at GitHub, by the traffic of this forum, by the assessment of most of my personal friends, reddit comments, google trends, and many more indicatives. And to my person, in case you don’t know me that well: I am the creator of the gintro GTK bindings for the Nim language (more than 1600 hours of work), the author of the tiny Nim GTK book, and I also created a few more small GTK apps.

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