CMYK separation plugin for GIMP


I have and eps file I need to change to png in GIMP. The setting must be CMYK because I am going to use it for a tshirt design in Canva.
I believe there is a plugin to do this. How does it work. Clear, step by step instructions would be appreciated- I am a newbie

Thank you


Hi! The CMYK separation plug-in only imported CMYK TIFFs, PSDs, and JPEGs as far as I know. The development version of GIMP now does this natively: GIMP - Development Downloads
Adding CMYK EPS import/export support is on my TODO list. In the mean time, you could try using Ghostscript directly to convert the CMYK EPS to another format (this is what GIMP uses for EPS import)

PNG files can not be encoded as CMYK (they’ll save the image, but it will be in the RGB color space). Unless I’m misunderstanding what you want to do?

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