(closed) GTK4: adding a custom widget to PopoverMenu/GMenu item

Hi everyone,

I cannot figure out how to add some widget to popover menu.

It works fine with simple text like:

g_menu_append_item(menu, g_menu_item_new("OptionN",  "app.opt_n"));
GtkWidget *popover = gtk_popover_menu_new_from_model(G_MENU_MODEL(menu));

When I’m trying to add some custom widget by setting it via “custom” attribute:

GMenuItem *optn = g_menu_item_new("OptionN", "app.opt_n");
g_menu_item_set_attribute(optn, "custom", "s", "attrn");
g_menu_append_item(menu, optn);
GtkWidget *popover = gtk_popover_menu_new_from_model(G_MENU_MODEL(menu));
gtk_popover_menu_add_child(GTK_POPOVER_MENU(popover), some_gtk_widget, "attrn");

this OptionN item box disappears and GTK inspector shows it like GtkGizmo instanse in that place.
I cannot sort out what missed at adding widget as popover menu child.
Is there any docs how to properly add widgets to popover menus?

Q is closed, sorry for disturbing.
It’s achived by adding widgets in ListBox and setting that list as popover’s child, but still not sure if it’s the right way.

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