Chess Clock release 0.6 scheduled for 2023-09-20

Attention translators:

I am planning to make the next release of Chess Clock on September 20, 2023, to coincide with Gnome 45. There are still a few translations on damned-lies that are out-of-date, but the string changes should be minor for the most part. If you find any issues during translation, please submit them to the bug tracker. Thanks for all your hard work!


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Thanks for the announcement! Is there a specific reason you aim to coincide with the GNOME release for your Circle app? Right now is the busiest time for translators as they work on getting GNOME itself closer to 100%, and it’s a massive undertaking. Right after the GNOME release would be a better time, for software that is not bound by the GNOME schedule. Would you consider delaying by a week or two? While I cannot guarantee this will definitely mean more up to date translations for you, I can say for sure it increases the likely hood significantly.

I’ve already gotten a lot of translation updates during the GNOME string freeze, is why I figured it would be okay. Most languages are literally missing one string for this release anyway. I could delay if the translators prefer though! The main reason for doing the release at the same time as the GNOME release was not wanting to delay the libadwaita update, but waiting a week or two shouldn’t hurt anything.

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