Checking a questionable spam marking for two topics

Today I got notified for the following information.

Your post was flagged as spam: the community feels it is an advertisement, …

:thinking: Now I wonder how the affected topics fit to published criteria.

  • Editing a string in a single cell from a tree view
  • Supporting multiple application windows despite of open modal dialogues

I am curious how long it will take until another GNOME team member might consider to reactivate hidden information.

Thanks for another positive response.

The affected two messages have been reactivated a moment ago.

You are a new user, and created two topics in close proximity, pointing to the same base URL; the system flags this as potential spam automatically, until a moderator/admin can review it.

…; the system flags this as potential spam automatically, …

  • I wonder then about the reference to “the community” in the notification.
  • There was a remarkable delay from “the system”, wasn’t it?
  • May I put links to GNOME information into my messages?

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