Chat evaluation survey

We’ve completed our the second stage of our chat evaluation, community and team interviews, and are ready to start the last step, surveys.

Please fill out this survey [] to share with us your feedback.

The whole survey will take you around 10 minutes to fill it out. Please complete and submit your response by March 31st.

I am still working through the inteview feedback and will share it publicly soon. Using the interview feedback and the results of the survey the Foundation will decide with which platform to go with.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me.

Thank you all for your participation,


Hey Kristi,

Thanks a lot for the survey and working on this!

Regarding one of the first questions:

Is your participation in the GNOME project primarily professional (for purposes related to your job) or voluntary?

It looks like the possible choices seem to be binary, but for me personally and a lot of people I know the answer would be both. What would be the suggested action here.


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Hi @alatiera

Either would be fine.
You can also mention it at the last question of the survey (add a comment) that you do both, work and volunteer.

Hi Kristi, I found another issue in the survey:

If GNOME were to recommend Matrix or Rocket.Chat as its primary chat platform, that platform should be bridged to IRC.

AFAIK, RocketChat doesn’t offer bridges to IRC.

If GNOME were to recommend Matrix or Rocketchat as its primary chat platform, it should have federation enabled.

RocketChat doesn’t have federation.

There are Rocket Chat/IRC bridges; currently, is not bridged by choice.

Federation is possible in Rocket Chat.

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I didn’t know these, thanks. :slight_smile: That removes lots of the issues I had with RocketChat.

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So, I use discord outside of GNOME there are a couple of projects that use it 1) openbmc 2) electron - might be worth adding that. In general I use slack, discord, matrix, and irc. I use irc more externally than matrix, but the irc I use is all on freenode.

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