Changing UI Elements in existing applications

I’m trying to change up the gnome-clocks application for an university project. As far as it goes, I’m able to understand the code. The projects UI is clearly build in Glade according to comments. Trying to work on the UI using glade, I came up on the Issue that most of the derived widgets don’t work in glade until I write a working glade-catalog.
I’ve started writing one by myself, but it just works for some classes and not for everyone.
Is there a way to get the catalog, the developers are working with? I could not find any in the gitlab repo.

Ah no, the “generated by” are just left behind from prototyping long ago - we almost exclusively edit by hand

For some information as to why, see this blog post:

Alright, then I have to take a look at how to edit them myself. Thanks for your answer.

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