Can't run any gnome-shell extensions after upgrading from Fedora 29 to 31

Hello there! After upgrading from Fedora 29 to Fedora 31, I can no longer run any gnome-shell extensions, including system ones. They just don’t show up. I can’t seem to figure out the problem. Any advice on how to troubleshoot this?

I’ve tried restarting my gnome-shell and also doing an dnf update and then rebooting. Both were no help.

journalctl /usr/bin/gnome-shell -f doesn’t show anything particularly useful.

I ran gsettings get enabled-extensions to check for all enabled extensions, and then disabled them all one by one using gnome-extensions disable extension-name . No change in behavior. I still can’t run any gnome-shell extensions.

Update, I ran gnome-shell-extension-prefs and then clicked on the top slider to turn on gnome-shell extensions. Everything is now working!

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