Can't remove configuration data

I recently installed gnome 41. Everything was fine until I installed so-called “Backslide”. I pointed backslide at a directory containing approximately 4000 png format wallpapers and now the “Backslide” configuration interface no longer functions. The “gnome-tweak-tool” is also trashed. I’ve tried removing all gnome config files (find . -name gnome 2>/dev/null), but removing the files does not remove the old config data. I also tried

dconf reset -f /org/gnome/

But the old config data returns. Question: If the config data is not stored in my home directory, where is it installed and how can I remove it or restore Gnome to original condition? Thanks for your assistance.

Hello, you may want to try to delete the backslide extension folder from ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions.

Thanks for the reply. You’ll forgive me, but I forgot to mention specifically that I removed gnome-shell/extensions directory from both the .local directory and the /usr/share/gnome-shell/extensions (with the extensions tool) and unfortunately the configuration data persists. Obviously the configuration data is stored somewhere else. As I stated above, I remove ALL gnome configuration data from my /home filesystem - including .local.

Hmm, you could also try to delete the entire dconf database (the default location is usually ~/.config/dconf/user) or search your hard drive for anything else titled “backslide”.

I’ve repaired the problem, which, as it turns out, was related to Wayland environment variables I set for another window manager. In any case, thanks for the replies.

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