Can't move emails to SOME folders in Evolution

I migrated to Evolution from Thunderbird a number of years ago. I run Evolution 3.44.4-0ubuntu1 on Ubuntu 22.04LTS. I connect to my mail servers via IMAP. I archive emails in Evolution folders located on my own hard drive.

I have a comprehensive hierarchical filing system using folders and subfolders to varying depths for my personal email. For other email accounts, I have similar folder systems, but stored on the mail server and accessed via IMAP.

Over the past year or more, I have been finding that I am no longer able to move mails to some folders. By this, I mean that when I try and select one of these folders as a destination for an email, it simply can’t be selected. It doesn’t matter whether I use the mouse or the keyboard, these particular folders just won’t accept mail.

I have not been able to work out why some specific folders won’t accept mail. Some are on my own hard drive, some are on the mail server. None of their properties that I can see look any different from folders that do accept mail. The only consistent feature is that these “resistant” folders all have subfolders. However, most of my “parent” folders will happily accept mail, so just being a parent clearly isn’t causing the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’d appreciate some guidance about how to troubleshoot this problem!


Rob Hills
Waikiki, Western Australia

Does that refer to the archiving feature within Evolution?

Are there any quotas in place, and did you check the write permissions of those folders?

Hi Andre, thanks for your reply.

Not the archiving feature, just the process of moving a mail to a folder, either via the keyboard (<ctrl><shift><v>) or drag-and-drop with the mouse…

No quotas in place. I’ve just checked a specific problematic mail folder on our mail server and it has the same permissions as other folders which permit me to move mail to them.

When I try and move an email, either via the keyboard (<ctrl><shift><v>) or via the mouse, Evolution simply won’t let me select a small number of specific (but apparently random) folders as the destination.

I understood it’s an IMAP server, not a local account (where you move
the messages for archiving).

Would it be possible to provide an example of such path, please? If
it’s a special folder or any such thing.

Being it IMAP, one of the reasons can be that the folder in the middle
of the path (say it’s “Inbox/sub1/sub2/sub3” and you can copy/move
messages into sub1 and sub3, but not into sub2) is not subscribed and
you’ve checked in the account Properties to Show only subscribed
folders. The IMAP account creates a “virtual”, unselectable folder to
follow the server-side folder structure, with no real folder for the
in-between-folder (the sub2 in my example), thus it cannot show any
content and cannot be selected. Verify in Folder->Subscriptions which
folders are subscribed and in the account Properties whether you’ve
checked Show only subscribed folders option.


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