Can't find org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.vala/x86_64/master when attempting to build a basic Vala project

Not sure if this belongs under Platform or Applications, but I think this is more likely to be the right place for this.

I’m using GNOME Builder on GNOME 44 on Fedora Workstation 38. I created a new Vala project, which made a basic template, then waited for the sdks to download before attempting to build the project. Sadly, however, my build attempt was faced with failure:

flatpak build-init --type=app --arch=x86_64 /home/user/.cache/gnome-builder/projects/ValaTest/flatpak/staging/x86_64-main org.firebook.valatest org.gnome.Sdk org.gnome.Platform master --sdk-extension=org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.vala
error: Requested extension org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.vala/x86_64/master not installed

That led me to do some hunting, and I ended up here: Vala moves from the base org.gnome.Sdk to a separate Sdk Extension From the looks of it, I have org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.vala/x86_64/23.08 installed, and that should work (I also have org.gnome.Sdk/x86_64/master and org.gnome.Platform/x86_64/master installed according to Builder’s “Manage SDKs” info).

Any clue what I’m doing wrong? Is this possibly a bug in the SDKs or in GNOME Builder?

Hm, I don’t know what’s wrong. Just want to mention that the attempt to move vala into an extension failed. It’s still part of the GNOME runtime.

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I asked for help in the GNOME Builder Matrix room and was suggested to try changing my runtime-version from “master” to “45”. That worked. Dunno what went wonky at first, but I think I have a working dev environment now.

Both should have worked and resolved to the same extension to use. The //master branch is flatpak stumbling over itself and printing the branch that matches the GNOME runtime, however both do resolve into org.freedesktop.Sdk.Extension.vala/x86_64/23.08 now.

It’s likely that at the time you tried the extension wasn’t yet published for the release, could you give it another try? everything should be in place and resolve automatically now even if you have uninstall the extension.

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