Can't build GIMP help locale

A few years ago I translated GIMP UI and Help and have taken this up again.
I am now translating GIMP Help into Norwegian Nynorsk (language code nn). Using Cygwin on Windows 11.
Ran “git clone GNOME / gimp-help · GitLab” to download GIMP.
When I then run “./ --without-gimp ALL_LINGUAS=‘en nn’” I get, among many other things, “configure: error: no suitable Python interpreter found”. I have installed Python 3.9.
How to make Cygwin find the interpreter?
Hope this is the correct place for my question. If not, where do I post it?

Hi Kolbjørn!
I do not have a clue on Windows, but I know that now you can install an entire Ubuntu subsystem on it. Why don’t you try that way? I can help with Ubuntu… use last stable (LTS that means vers. 22.04)


I don’t think anyone has tried building gimp-help with Cygwin on Windows recently, at least not that I’ve heard of.

Personally I use MSYS2 and build inside it’s bash shell. I know MSYS2 is based on cygwin, but I am not clear on the differences. With cygwin, do you run the command in a bash shell too, if so, you may need Python installed under cygwin too. Just having Python installed for Windows may not be enough.

Besides Python you will at least also need to have gettext and xsltproc packages installed among others. Having a list of required packages online is still on the todo list. Our CI script lists these: "automake build-essential docbook-website docbook-xml docbook-xsl fonts-noto-cjk fonts-noto-core gettext git intltool librsvg2-2 librsvg2-bin pkg-config pngcrush python3 python3-libxml2 python3-polib xsltproc libxml2-utils". Some may not be necessary on Windows and docbook-website is not available (also only needed to create the website).

You should probably also specify a prefix with your autogen command (e.g. --prefix=$HELP_PREFIX).

Posting here is fine. I can also be reached in GIMP’s IRC and matrix channels.

Thank you both.
It now works!
I added the python39-libxml2 package and all works fine. The python3-libxml2 was obsolete. The python39 version instead.
After running make xml-nn I ran make html-nn. Lots of error messages: " failed to load external entity “”. Some codes are not defined, so I think I also need to update many of the po files downloaded from git.
Marco: Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your offer. I am used to Cygwin, but I have another computer not in use at the moment so perhaps I installs Linux on this one (in addition to Windows)…


You also need docbook-xml and docbook-xsl packages. In addition to that, yes, po files are now only updated when a translation team sends updated versions.

This means other po files get out-of-sync with the xml files. To make sure you have up-to-date po files you need to “touch” all xml files in /src/ and then do make-po [langcode].

See e.g. here on how I usually touch all those files.

Thank you again.
I have the docbook packages you menteins. The second time and all later, there is no error messages.But I discovered that, unlike before, I had to update the po files from the pot files. So I’m making progress…:slight_smile:

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