Can't backup to two destinations

thanks for Deja-dup application. It’s simple and intuitive but I think it miss a feature: multiple destination backup. I know Deja-dup is targeted to casual Linux user but it would be safer to store backups to multiple locations (for example to external HDD and Google Drive at the same time or whole backup to external HDD and only some directories to Google Drive). Even world famous Apple Time Machine can backup to multiple disks.

I also know there are alternatives to Deja-dup, but none of these is intuitive as this Gnome app.

So, please consider to add this feature in the roadmap.



Hello and thank you for your suggestion and your kind words!

It’s not the first time it’s been suggested. There is an open issue tracking this request.

But I’ve resisted adding support for multiple destination backups for a few reasons:

  1. As you say, Deja Dup is very focused on the casual Linux user. I’m more interested in getting people from 0 backups to 1, than from 1 to many.
  2. I’m not a good UX designer. I’d want someone smarter than me (someone from GNOME Design team ideally) to sketch out how this feature would work in a way that isn’t confusing for folks.
  3. It adds complexity that I’d have to maintain.

So I’m not saying never. But my TODO list is long already, and this is not near the top. Certainly not without an idea of how to design it so it’s not off-putting to casual users.

But thank you for the suggestion and reminder that this is still a desired feature!


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