Cannot take screen recording of progress popover in nautilus


I am trying to get a screen recording of an issue in nautilus progress popover.


via Gnome Shell screenshot option


But, when I press the top right system menu in Gnome Shell to access the screenshot button, the popover in nautilus disappears.

I did try to set modal / auto-hide property via GTK_DEBUG=interactive, and it works, but I want to know if there is straight forward way to achieve this.


I assume you’re using X11 and the latest version of Nautilus, am I right?

$ loginctl show-session 4 | grep Type
$ gnome-shell --version
GNOME Shell 43.3

Oh, you’re trying to get to the screenshot button—sorry, I didn’t quite follow that step, and I thought you were using the key combination.

You can use the PrintScreen key to show the screenshot UI, and that won’t close the popup; if your keyboard does not have a PrintScreen key, then you can go in the Settings → Keyboard → Keyboard Shortcuts, select Screenshots, and override the shortcuts there:


Thanks for clarifying!

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