Cannot create project groups in


I cannot seem to find, how to create a group for grouping projects in

There is no “Create group” button in

Thanks !

Groups are created by the admins; as a user, you only have access to your personal namespace.


If you organize your projects under a group, it works like a folder.

I am interested in grouping my projects which are forked from GNOME/<project_name> ( which I understand are managed by project admins, which is fine ), and apply common project settings to the group, so it applies to all projects in the group.

It is not clear to me what is so “admin” about grouping projects in a folder. Maybe, I am missing something here.

Thanks !

Groups exist at the top level of the hierarchy—GNOME, Teams, Infrastructure, etc.; you can’t create a group under your namespace.


I want to create badges for all projects which I am working on. Should I update the badges individually for each project, or is there a way to do it one go. I don’t have any issues manually creating the badges for each project, but I would like to know if there is a better way, as I am sure there would be more folks with the same query.

I was referring to:

I’m not even sure you can do that with the version of GitLab we host; in any case, why? What’s the purpose of creating badges for your personal forks of GNOME projects?

I wanted to try out all applicable badges for a project in my fork, and recommend the settings to the parent GNOME project(s), which don’t have a badge yet. Rather than just raising a gitlab issue, saying “please use badges in project x”, it would be better if I try the badges out and recommend the settings in the issue.

Also, there are coverage related badges which could change, when code modifications are done in the fork.

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