Can not add Server Parameter pop3/smtp -

using version: 44.1-r1
how to add a email account for example:

POP3-Server: (Port: 995, Verbindungssicherheit: SSL)
SMTP-Server: (Port: 465, Verbindungssicherheit: SSL)

If a click at “add”

I can only enter: Name & eMailAddress but no Server Parameters

Try to get I work on a SmartPhone with PostMarketOS ( postmarketOS-edge-phosh-22.3 )

Is it possible to run geary with parameters to add Server Parameter at crate a new Account ?

I had encountered the same bug but… it seemed to correct itself somehow ??
Perhaps i had just not entered the right server adress (i had previsouly mistaken .cloud with .org, and email with mail…). I also had a bad connection… Check again maybe ?..

What i previously meant to post

I’ve had the same problem trying to set up the adress for receiving and mail for my email provider: le Cloud Girofle (independant french collective providing of shared services, part of the CHATONS collective).

The address i should be using for both is:
But geary doesn’t even let me enter that address, or in a way that seems quite wrong and doesn’t let me progress further. into the process of setting up the account.
If it enter my email address into the corresponding field (for privacy, let’s assume it’s, geary automatically assumes the server adresses for incoming and outgoing emails are respectively and… which is not the case. But strangely enough, these addresses only appear for a split second while geary seemingly checks for their availability. Then they become transparent, making it look like there is no text inside the input field.
But if you go out of your way to try and select the text inside that input field… alakazam !
The address appears. I could not manage to get a screenshot of it, but apparently geary tells you the address is incorrect.
You can replace that text in the input field, but you do so blindfolded since the text is transparent. Still, geary believes the addres to be incorrect… or rather does not check if the user-inputed address works or not.