Can I exclude gschema files from translation?

As far as I know, due to the nature of Flatpak, a standard instance of Dconf Editor cannot open or edit gschema files inside a Flatpak app.

If any GNOME Circle app is exclusively a Flatpak application without classic packages (deb, rpm, etc.), can I exclude gschema files from translation?

Please correct me if I’m mistaken.


I would still mark them for translation anyway, because distros may package the app in the future even if they don’t currently. But yeah, unless the flatpak app bundles dconf-editor then there’s not going to be any way to view the translations. Notably, the gsettings command doesn’t translate the setting descriptions:

$ LANG=es_ES.UTF-8 gsettings --help
Comando «--help» desconocido

  gsettings --version
  gsettings [--schemadir CARPETA_ESQUEMA] COMANDO [ARGUMENTOS...]

  help                      Mostrar esta información
  list-schemas              Listar los esquemas instalados
  list-relocatable-schemas  Listar los esquemas reubicables
  list-keys                 Listar las claves en un esquema
  list-children             Listar los hijos de un esquema
  list-recursively          Listar claves y valores recursivamente
  range                     Consultar el rango de una clave
  describe                  Consultar la descripción de la clave
  get                       Obtener el valor de una clave
  set                       Establecer el valor de una clave
  reset                     Restablecer el valor de una clave
  reset-recursively         Restablecer todos los valores en un esquema dado
  writable                  Comprobar si una clave se puede escribir
  monitor                   Monitorizar cambios

Use «gsettings help COMANDO» para obtener una ayuda detallada.

So we have Spanish, but:

$ LANG=es_ES.UTF-8 gsettings describe org.gnome.Epiphany content-filters
List of URLs with content filtering rules in JSON format to be used by the ad blocker.

Still English here.

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